Differential Pressure Constant Temperature Mixed Water Center

Short Description:

1.Rated voltage: 220V 50HZ
2. Temperature control range of thermostatic mixing valve: 35-60
(factory setting 45)
3. Circulating pump head: 6m (The highest head)
4. Range of temperature limiter: 0-90(Factory setting 60)
5. Maximum power: 93W (System runtime)
6. Adjusting range of differential pressure bypass valve: 0-0.6bar (Factory setting 0.3bar)7. Temperature control accuracy: ±2
8. Nominal pressure of pipeline: PN10
9. The area is less than 200 square meters 10. Body material: CW617N
11. Seal: EPDM

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The mixed water center apply to the underfloor heating systems. It mixing the high temperature water from heating recourse side with the low temperature water from the heating return water.
① Exhaust valve: automatic exhaust to keep the system stable.
② Temperature limiter: When the system reaches the debugging temperature of temperature limiter , stop the linkage water pump
③ Differential pressure valve: maintain the internal stability of the system and protect the system
④ Thermostatic valve: adjust the required temperature and maintain a constant temperature
⑤ Drain valve: convenient for sewage discharge to get better performance
⑥ Water pump gear zone: 3 levels adjustment for different comfort levels.
⑦ Thermometer: display the actual temperature, allowing you to control the usage of the system


1.Before the water mixing device leaves the factory, the thermostatic water mixing valve, temperature limiter, differential pressure bypass valve, and water pump power have been set routinely; According to the actual using environment, You can also perform basic debugging to obtain a better product experience.
2.The water mixing device should be installed in a location with a floor drain; it is convenient for future maintenance, repair and replacement, and avoids causing losses to you.
3.The water mixing device should be installed and debugged by HVAC professionals; Please choose the matching components to connect the equipment, the water inlet and return system will not work if it was installed in the opposite way.


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